All Applicants must complete the entire application in full prior to Coldwell Banker Town & Country processing the application. Including all phone numbers, account numbers and prior landlord contact information. Please inform prior landlords and employers that our office will be contacting them to verify the information and authorize them to release and confirm the information as stated.

Applicants with prior Evictions or Judgments will not be accepted. Applicants currently in eviction will not be accepted.
Co-signers/guarantors not accepted.

Applicant’s gross income must be at least TWO and a HALF (2 ½) times the amount of the rent. All income must be verifiable and documented. We must be able to contact current and prior landlords and/or mortgage companies.

We will require the following documents: (Faxed copies of documents will not be accepted)

  • Most recent pay stubs. (Minimum of 1 month)
  • Social Security Card
  • Current Drivers License or ID Card
  • Income tax papers are required for all self-employed applicants

Additional information or documents may be requested to clarify certain information on your application.

Open bankruptcies will not be accepted. All discharged bankruptcies that have been closed for at least 2 years, will be considered.

Each adult applicant (anyone 18 years and older) is required to complete an application and pay a nonrefundable credit report and processing fee of $40.00. This fee applies to spouses, adult children and/or roommates.

All roommate applicants must be able to meet the qualification guidelines individually. Married couples may combine their income to meet the income guideline.

Coldwell Banker Town & Country does not accept Cash or Personal Checks. All payments for credit and processing and future rent payments must be paid by Cashiers Check or Money Order no exceptions.

Upon Acceptance of Application The Following Applies:
All properties shall be leased for a period of one year unless stated otherwise.
Normally the Security Deposit due at Move In is equal to 1 month rent plus $200.00 (i.e.: If the rent is $1,000.00 per month. The deposit would be $1,200.00. The total move-in would be $2,200.00)

If the property owner accepts pets, there is a $250.00 pet deposit per pet. Maximum of two (2) outside pets allowed. Photos of pets must be provided prior to move in. No Pit Bulls or Rottweilers will be accepted.

There is a minimum non-refundable Holding Deposit equal to one month’s rent to hold any home for the applicant.

All Holding Deposits are required to be in our office within 24 hours of notification that your application has been approved.

All Holding Deposits will be applied toward the first months rent. Holding Deposits cannot be transferred to another home once approved for the property stated on your application.

Holding Deposits are to be paid by Cashiers Check or Money Order only.

Tenant is required to either pay the automated monthly charge of $15.00 for liability insurance, OR provide Coldwell Banker Town & Country with renters insurance information.